Development of chemical formulations

At Sarchem Laboratories, customers come to us with their product ideas, and we provide the necessary materials they require. We offer customized formulations that meet the needs of our customers. By analyzing the starting materials and identifying potential issues, we can enhance the product and ensure it meets the highest quality standards. Our small-batch analysis process allows customers to quickly adjust their products to meet future design requirements. At Sarchem, we are confident in providing the best possible service to our customers.

Adapting to Manufacturing Challenges

Sarchem Laboratories’ expertise is not limited to any specific industry, which is a great advantage. They have successfully assisted customers in various industries like paint, cosmetics, oil and gas, automotive, plastic, and nutraceutical. Sarchem Labs prioritizes ensuring the application of the formulation is seamless for customers. They are aware of the challenges that come with formulations, such as stability, usability, viscosity, odor, or even color, and these challenges can be amplified at the scale-up stage. By analyzing the chemistry involved, Sarchem Labs’ expert chemists take a step-by-step approach to identify and resolve potential issues during the formulation process.

Formulation Goal Alignment

Sarchem Lab’s goals align with the customer’s goals and are involved from small-scale development to large-scale production. Sarchem can help prevent unnecessary future expenditures by tackling the issues our customers may or may not see. Continuous improvement is the foundation of a successful venture.

Sarchem’ Laboratories’ formulation strength lies in a basic process. We analyze, dissect and reformulate the procedure to minimize bottlenecks and improve scale-up development. Each of our projects is designed with large-scale formulations in mind. If multiple steps are necessary, Sarchem is committed to providing our customers with the best route and transparency.

Our Formulation Process

We carefully craft an action plan tailored to your specific needs and goals during the formulation process. We take a thorough look at the formulation to identify any potential areas of concern or opportunities for improvement. We recommend appropriate testing methods and procedures to ensure the formulation’s effectiveness. We aim to provide you with a well-crafted formulation that meets your unique requirements and delivers exceptional results.

If you are interested in developing a new product, or have a current design that is causing headaches, contact Sarchem Labs to help get you over the hurdle. We can test the material using a variety of analytical tests and we will work together on solutions.