Customers often reach out to Sarchem Laboratories with the idea for a product. They know what they want but are unsure of how to get the material they are looking for. Sarchem Labs is uniquely situated to come in at this stage and develop a formulation that will work with customer’s needs. Sarchem analyzes the starting materials to eliminate issues and to develop product improvements. This small-batch analysis helps our customers modulate their product to meet any future designs.

Adapting to Manufacturing Challenges

An advantage of Sarchem Laboratories’ expertise is that it is not industry specific. Sarchem has helped customers across the paint, cosmetics, oil and gas, automotive, plastic and nutraceutical industries. We work with customers to make sure that the application of the formulation is always at the forefront. Challenges in formulations include stability, usability, viscosity, odor or even color. At scale-up, these challenges can be amplified exponentially. By determining the chemistry involved, Sarchem Labs’ expert chemists can run through the formulation process and work step-by-step to identify potential issues and resolve them.

Formulation Goal Alignment

Sarchem Lab’s goals align with the customers goals and are involved from small-scale development to large-scale production. Sarchem can help prevent unnecessary future expenditures by tackling the issues that our customers may or may not see. Continuous improvement is a foundation to a successful venture.

Sarchem’ Laboratories’ formulation strength lays in a basic process. We analyze, dissect and reformulate the process to minimize bottlenecks and improve scale-up development. Each of our projects are designed with large-scale formulations in mind. If multiple steps are necessary, Sarchem is committed to providing the best route and transparency to our customers.

Our Formulation Process

As we work on a formulation, we develop a customized plan of action, define a formulation’s issue or areas for improvement and recommend specific testing methods and procedures.

If you are interested in developing a new product, or have a current design that is causing headaches, contact Sarchem Labs to help get you over the hurdle. We can test the material using a variety of analytical tests and we will work together on solutions.