Formulation Development

Customers often reach out to Sarchem Laboratories with the idea for a product. They know what they want but are unsure of how to get the material they are looking for. Sarchem Labs is uniquely situated to come in at this stage and develop a formulation that will work with customer’s needs. Sarchem analyzes the […]

Using Ampules in the Lab

picture of an ampule being sealed with flame

What are Ampules and why use them?  Custom ampule-filling is one of Sarchem’s most popular services []. This post will explore why ampules are so popular and the role can they serve in a variety of applications. First, the basics: Ampules are similar to vials and were developed in the 1500s to be used for […]

The Effects of COVID-19 on the Chemical Supply Chain

The chemicals industry touches nearly every product we all use on a daily basis. As the impacts of COVID-19 ripples across the globe and economic activity grinds to a halt, we see that chemical companies find themselves operating in a fundamentally new reality. Demand for chemicals is experiencing severe shocks across end-markets, global supply chains […]