Chemical synthesis for real-world applications

Sarchem Labs delivers custom chemical synthesis solutions that enable researchers to pursue discovery and innovation.

With both standard and highly specialised equipment, Sarchem Labs has been meeting researchers’ synthetic chemistry services needs globally since 1984.

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Custom Synthesis services
Contract synthesis and research
Our staff's expertise in synthetic chemistry services also gives us direct experience in a range of synthetic areas, including homogeneous catalysis, asymmetric synthesis, heterocyclic synthesis, and biocatalysis.

Proof of Concept

If you have an idea for a compound or product, contact us, and we will work with you on the necessary steps. 

Scale-up Development

Our goal is to produce customer-driven custom synthesis from kg to ton quantities.

Continuous Improvement

With a developed Quality Management System, Sarchem is able to provide continuous improvement analytically as well as with developmental chemistry.

Multi-Step Chemistry

Our experience allows us to handle the most difficult chemistry across industries. Our goal is to develop the technology to transfer to a customer’s facility.


Our chemists have the experience and knowledge necessary to help your idea get to the next step.

The detail

Our team can help develop the process and steps necessary to get to the next stage of your discovery.
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When you are ready to make this product, contact us to see what will be necessary. We can come to you or we can do this on-site.

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Development can be anything from replication to producing on a bulk scale. We have the experience and consulting expertise to help in any situation.
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Communication is key to any project. We ensure that direct access to our chemists and legal / regulatory experts will be the first priority.

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Navigating the process, which can take a day or years can be difficult without constant communication. We will be there for you every step of the way.
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Other Chemistry Services

Analytical Testing

Any custom synthesis project will have analytical testing available to categorise the product correctly


Each project will have a report attached with all necessary information for process development and further research.

Patent Services

To navigate regulatory and environmental compliance, we have experts on hand to ensure success.