A Commitment to Chemistry

Sarchem was created by chemists, and a passion and love of chemistry is our mission.

We ensure that any issue your company faces will be handled by technical experts who are invested in your work.

Our Core Values


Our Promise to Customers

Sarchem maintains that a customer’s needs will be the focal point for any project we undertake. For that reason, complete transparency as well as direct lines of communication will always be insured.

If you have a question or concern regarding our work, tell us and we will do everything to ensure your satisfaction. In addition, all projects will be of the utmost confidentiality. With our extensive resources and networking capabilities, we can deliver at any scale.


Sarchem is committed to providing high-quality information and data required with any product or service that we offer. 


Sarchem will always communicate where we are along the distribution timeline with full disclosure and collaboration.


Sarchem understands the value of important trade secrets and values the two-way communication necessary for a successful project. 

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We typically respond within 24 business hours. 

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