Trusted chemistry experts since 1984

For over 35 years, Sarchem chemical synthesis laboratory has been a trusted chemical synthesis supply and research partner for top pharmaceutical, biotech, and applied sciences organisations

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The expert chemistry team at Sarchem Laboratories is dedicated to customer service – having established numerous patents and relationships throughout the years that speaks to our company’s esteemed pedigree.

Sarchem Labs is committed to clear communication for your company’s compound requirements. We’re available to quote and order for efficient delivery to global destinations. Learn more.

Sarchem chemical synthesis laboratory has experience developing speciality compounds across different industries. Our partners include Fortune 500 companies, universities, and other research companies. Learn more. Learn more.

To develop large-scale reactions and products, Sarchem utilises several methods and different-sized reactors. Learn more.

Are you looking to learn more about a specific product or reaction? Contact us to see how we can provide your team with more resources. Learn more.

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Why Choose Sarchem Labs

Trusted Manufacturers

Sarchem Labs is a highly reputable company that provides pharmaceutical products to esteemed clients, including CROs, universities, government entities, and other leading pharmaceutical companies


We strive to maintain adherence to regulate our quality with an efficient, responsible & committed workforce, ensuring the competence of our products.

Timely Delivery

We take special care of pharmaceuticals that require specific temperature conditions and have a short shelf life to make sure they are promptly shipped with utmost attention.


Our goal is to enable, empower and inspire our innovators so they can provide much-needed solutions in their industry.

Specialty Chemical Products

For over three decades, Sarchem Labs has delivered best-in-class chemical synthesis solutions to a diverse client base of custom research organizations (CROs), universities, government agencies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers of all sizes.

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Our commitment to innovation in chemistry

Sarchem Labs is focused on your business's success. Our team provides worry-free delivery and preferred pricing for fine and specialty chemicals, innovative lab solutions for chemistry research needs of all types, and a commitment to customer service to support your every move.


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Sarchem was created by chemists, and a passion and love of chemistry is our mission. We ensure that any issue your company faces will be handled by technical experts who are invested in your work.

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