Custom chemical formulations

Sarchem Labs deliver custom chemical formulation solutions that enable researchers to focus on discovery and innovation.

With both standard and highly-specialized equipment, Sarchem Labs has met the chemistry synthesis needs of researchers globally since 1984.

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Chemical Formulations

Manufacturing, Testing and Scaling of Custom Chemical Formulations

Creating a successful product custom chemical formulation is priority number one. We routinely work with customers to help them analyse their products' primary constituents.

This analysis helps eliminate problems and, ideally, leads to product improvements. Many of our customers require small batch analysis and reformulation services for their products or products in development. We work with them to overcome challenges and achieve solutions that enhance their product designs.

Small-Batch Manufacturing Challenges

Many industries consult with Sarchem Laboratories for custom chemical formulation and product analysis. We assist manufacturers of paint, cosmetics, pesticides, and more. We can also help customers gauge the changes needed to make their small-batch manufacturing successful.

Sometimes, a product formulation's challenge is its stability. Chemical analysis allows our scientists to determine quantities. In some cases, quantities require adjustment. Components must be swapped out to achieve the desired results. A contaminant could detract from the formula’s performance.

Our goal is to help our customers create a winning small-batch formulation so that they can move from development to larger-scale operations. Before spending a fortune on untargeted testing, let our expert chemists provide careful analysis to more effectively spotlight areas for improvement more effectively.

Plan Creation

Our chemists can help your company's formula for success. We can assist with new product development or improve an existing product. Our technical skills give us an edge in multi-type product formulations. To see this product come to fruition, Sarchem can provide a plan to reach milestones. Using analysis and years of experience, we can navigate the R&D waters.

As we work with you to create a customized action plan, we will help define your formulation’s problem or area for improvement, recommend specific testing methods and procedures, and provide expert insights at every step.

Perfect Your Small-Batch Formulations

If you are developing a new product in any industry, you can contact Sarchem for our analysis services. Collaboration is critical in successful R&D, so an open discussion is vital to finding solutions. Confidentiality is paramount to open dialogue, and trust has enabled Sarchem to succeed for 20+ years. At each stage, Sarchem will provide accurate testing and deliverables to give your research an edge.


Our Approach to Chemical Formulations

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