What is Synthesis in Chemistry?

What is Synthesis in Chemistry

Definition of Chemical Synthesis What is chemical synthesis? Mixing or changing various chemical components produces new compounds or molecules. It entails a series of meticulously monitored reactions, frequently carried out in a lab setting, to create desired chemicals with particular qualities. Chemical synthesis is essential to many fields of study, such as chemistry, pharmacology, materials […]

Development of Formulations at Sarchem Labs

Chemical Formulations

At Sarchem Laboratories, customers come to us with their product ideas, and we provide the necessary materials they require. We offer customized formulations that meet the needs of our customers. By analyzing the starting materials and identifying potential issues, we can enhance the product and ensure it meets the highest quality standards. Our small-batch analysis […]

Custom Ampules in the Lab

picture of an ampule being sealed with flame

What are Ampules and why use them? Custom ampule-filling is one of Sarchem’s most popular services. This post will explore why ampules are so popular and their role in a variety of applications. First, the basics: Labs Ampule are similar to vials and were developed in the 1500s for medicinal purposes. Ampules can preserve the […]