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Sarchem Laboratories takes pride in each and every product we deliver.

We provide analytical testing with every delivery and if there are questions about the application of the product, we have a team of experienced chemists to advise and assist.

Our broad portfolio of innovative chemistry products and have been utilized in biomedical, electronics, engineering, and energy applications.

If there is a product not in our list, please reach out to us.

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  • Chemical structure of Oxamic acid | 471-47-6

    Oxamic acid | 471-47-6

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  • Chemical structure of Thioglycolic acid | 68-11-1

    Thioglycolic acid | 68-11-1

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  • Chemical structure of Pimelic acid | 111-16-0

    Pimelic acid | 111-16-0

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  • Chemical structure of trans-Cyclobutane-1,2-dicarboxylic acid | 1124-13-6

    trans-Cyclobutane-1,2-dicarboxylic acid | 1124-13-6

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