Copper Chloride products, or Cupric Chloride, is a chemical compound involving Copper and Chlorine and has the formula CuCl2. This inorganic compound is utilized in several chemical processes and has many applications. It is found in the anhydrous form (brownish-yellow powder) and the dihydrate form (a bright blue-green crystalline solid). Its various chemical and physical properties have made it quite versatile and is therefore used for several purposes.

Since it can absorb moisture from the air, it falls under the category of a hygroscopic compound, so it should be carefully stored.

Its Properties – Physical and Chemical

Here are some of the fundamental physical and chemical properties of Copper Chloride:

How to Produce and Synthesise

There are various methods by which Copper Chloride can be synthesized. The lab method involves the action of hydrochloric acid on copper carbonate or copper oxide. Industrially, it is prepared by chlorinizing copper. Here are the details:

CuO or CuCO3 reacts with HCl to form CuCl2 and water or carbon dioxide, respectively.

Copper is heated in the presence of Chlorine Gas, resulting in Copper Chloride due to the following reaction:

Cu + Cl2 → CuCl2

Copper Chloride Applications and Innovations

Thanks to its distinctive chemical properties, copper chloride is used in the laboratory and the industrial scene. Let’s talk about some of the critical uses of Copper Chloride:

●      As a deodorizer in the petroleum industry:

Copper Chloride acts as a deodorizing agent in the petroleum industry to help eradicate offensive odors.

●      As an oxidizing agent:

It is used as an oxidizing agent in various chemical reactions. It acts as a catalyst by facilitating the oxidation process, making it valuable in industrial applications.

●      As a purifying agent:

Copper Chloride is used in various industries as a purifying agent for purification and refining.

●      As a mordant

The dyeing process in the textile industry involves the usage of Copper Chloride as a mordant. The function of a mordant is to enhance the process of color fixation and improve the level of adherence of dyes to fabrics.

●      Common disinfectant

Copper chloride has antimicrobial properties, which makes it sound as a disinfectant and for maintaining hygiene.

●      For Water Treatment

Copper ions can control the growth of algae and maintain the quality of water, So Copper Chloride plays a rather important role in the processes of water treatment.

●      Agricultural Chemical Production

The crop industry sees a lot of usage of Copper Chloride in agriculture as it contributes to the various formulations used in crop production. Hence, it also finds use in the production of agricultural chemicals.

●      As a fixer in photography

In photography, fixers are used to remove unexposed silver halides, thus stabilizing the photographic images. Copper Chloride is also used as a fixer at times.

●      Laundry Marking Inks

Copper Chloride is used as laundry marking inks, which are used for labeling clothing for identification.

●      In Electrotype baths

The process of electrotyping involves the process of creating metal replicas of engraved plates. Copper Chloride finds use in the process as well.

●      Protection of Wood

Copper Chloride can also protect wood from rot and mildew; hence, it is used widely in wood treatment products.

●      Helps in monitoring humidity

HICs or Humidity Indicator cards use chemistry to monitor humidity in sealed product packaging. Till the late 1990s, HICs mainly used cobalt for the purpose. However, in 1998, cobalt was declared toxic by the European Union, and HIC manufacturers started using copper chloride as a non-toxic alternative.

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